Instructor Name:Corby Poulis


Other Information:

    Corby is the academy's cheif instructor and oversees all the curriculum that is taught.   Corby was born in Los Angeles and raised in Santa Barbara, he spent a lot of time studying martial arts. As a kid in Los Angeles, he took up the art of Tang Soo Do and received a junior black belt from teacher Ralph Allegria. After several years living in Los Angeles with his mother, he then moved back to Santa Barbara to live with his father and attend Santa Barbara High School. While in high school, Corby was on the wrestling team and trained at the prestigious Koei Kan Academy of Karate under teacher Jack Sabbatt and long time friend and several time national champion, Tony Becerra.
    After a few years of training at Koei Kan, Corby left martial arts and finished up high school, graduating in 1986. In 1995, he moved with his wife and children to the city of Orcutt, California, in Santa Barbara county and decided to grow roots. It didn't take long for Corby to seek out the best that Santa Maria had to offer in martial arts training. He then started training with Nick Passmore and Terry Lettau (Nick being a 5th degree black belt in Shorei-Ryu and Terry a 9th degree black belt in Shorei-Ryu and a 7th degree in Shorinji Ryu Jiu Jitsu).
    After years of training with Nick and Terry, Corby then sought out more mixed martial arts (MMA) and kickboxing training through the help of long time friends Chuck and Sean Liddell; he then found himself at Kuzen Martial Arts & Fitness, better known as "The Pit". The Pit is home to some of the world's best MMA and kickboxers--founded and run by former world kickboxing champion and trainer, John Hackleman. Under the close eye of John Hackleman, Corby started a rigorous training regimen that included fitness cardio, kickboxing, teaching and mixed martial arts fundamentals.
In 1993, Corby opened up his martial arts academy in Santa Maria, California, formerly named West Coast Martial Arts & Fitness.  He and his wife teach both kids and adults in an array of classes, from conditioning to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.
    In 1994, Corby met with legendary fighter and teacher, Ricardo "Franjinha" Miller, owner and chief instructor of Paragon Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy and teacher to great fighters such as Tyrone Glover, Adam Benshea, Jeff Glover and Bill Cooper. Negotiations took place and Corby and Ricardo made Paragon MMA & Fitness a part of the family.